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PP Folien

PP (polypropylene) thermoforming sheets

For the last 20 years, polypropylene is the raw material with the highest rate of growth. This is not only due to the good price-performance ratio, but also to the very diversified application areas which benefitted from the further development of production processes and compounding technology. The use of the high-quality plastics also means a lot of advantages for STF Thermoform Folien GmbH.

PP homopolymer

Homopolymeric polypropylene is a thermoplastic that belongs to the polyolefine group. Its advantages are high chemical resistance, high temperature stability and good creep rupture properties. Interactions with other media are reduced due to the microcrystalline pipe wall construction.

Other advantages of this plastic are an improved impact resistance, high resistance to thermoforming and thermal ageing, corrosion resistance, high stress cracking resistance, pressure resistance, good abrasion properties and excellent welding properties. Due to these qualities, the homopolymeric polypropylene is an excellent raw material for our thermoforming sheets.

PP copolymer

Copolymeric polypropylene is a polypropylene modified with ethylene, which increases flexibility and impact resistance. Copolymeric polypropylenes have similar characteristics than homopolymeric polyproyplenes. However, the difference is that copolymeric polypropylenes may have a better viscosity at low temperatures.

Additional characteristics are, among others, good mechanical properties, good sealing abilities and the possibility to be printed on in high quality. Typical applications are covers for milk products, desserts, ice cream etc. An additional anti-static adjustment for dirt-resistant containers and covers is possible.

Regenerated PP

STF Thermoform Folien GmbH offers you flexible solutions for your wishes. We take back your PP process waste and turn them into thermoforming sheets or boards again, according to your guidelines. By doing so, raw materials are saved and an optimum value creation is guaranteed.


By using coextrusion, different polymers can be combined. "Coextrusion" means that similar or different plastic melts are merged before they leave the profile die. This enables us to produce packaging sheets which meet the special requirements of the food to be packed and the packaging technology that is used. In order to get high-gloss polypropylene sheets, an additional glossy coat is extruded onto the highly impact-resistant polypropylene sheet. Coextrusion opens up a variety of additional scopes of design for the thermoforming sheets.

Individual solutions

STF Thermoform Folien GmbH produces polyproyplene sheets that are developed and manufactured according to your wishes. Together, we develop your individual solution in the field of polypropylene thermoforming sheets and put them into practice in close collaboration with you and our external partners.

It does not matter whether we take over your pre-produced sample sheets in our system or we talk through your imaginations together with you and put them into practice. You can rely on our experience in conception and production as well as on our personal and competent consulting. Our employees put your individual solutions into effect with highest know-how, much dedication and the most modern machines.