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PS Becher

PS (polystyrene) thermoforming sheets

Unlike other sheets, polystyrene sheets are harder and stiffer. Polystyrene can be punched relatively easily and is available in different modified types. It does not contain any plasticizers or other additives and is dimensionally stable, so it is a good alternative for the use in plastic packagings.


New materials (FOOD-Industry)

Polystyrene thermoforming sheets become more and more popular especially in the food industry. An increasing number of companies realizes the advantages of polystyrene sheets especially as moulded articles for packing food.

The flat sheets are ideally suitable for the thermoforming of e.g. yoghurt and curd cups for being filled with dairy products. They are made of a customer-specific material mixture in order to achieve the desired thermoforming properties.

Regrinerated materials for
technical packing

Thermoforming sheets and boards made from polystyrene are especially suitable for technical packaging.

It is possible to produce the highly impact-proof polystyrene in a natural colour or to choose from a wide colour range. Special colours can also be adjusted without problems. Optionally, the sheets or boards can be fitted with different material characteristics, e.g. electrical conductibility, antistatic equipment, resistance to UV rays or to weathering, and a lot more.

Thermoforming sheets and boards made from polystyrene regrinds can be produced in the following colours: black, anthracite or different shades of grey. If desired, modifiers are added in order to increase the notch impact resistance.

New/regenerated materials
for nurseries

STF Thermoform Folien GmbH produces flat sheets from high-quality polystyrene regrinds for further processing and use of thermoformed parts in market gardens. The regenerated polystyrene sheets are available in different shades of grey and black and can be used for many applications due to their particular sturdiness and durability. It is also possible to fit the sheets with antiblocking or UV resistant equipment.

Individual solutions

STF Thermoform Folien GmbH produces polystyrene sheets and boards that can be developed and manufactured according to your wishes. Together we develop your individual solution in the field of polystyrene thermoforming sheets or boards and put them into practice in close collaboration with you and our external partners.

It does not matter whether we take over your pre-produced sample sheets in our system or we talk through your imaginations together with you and put them into practice. You can rely on our experience in conception and production as well as on our personal and competent consulting. Our employees put your individual solutions into effect with highest know-how and a lot of dedication.